Where else can you find me?

Sup everyone,
Sorry i took another short break but I did have exams and I was more focussed on that than anything else lately. I just graduated today and I’m happy to be able say that i’ve passed the exams and the year. 😉 As I’m writing this, I’m sat in an airplane about to eat a Kabuto noodle pot which I reviewed last time I was onboard. AND I’m currently typing on a computer (usually i write my blogposts on my phone) which is my MacBook Pro!!!!!!
So even though I’ve not been blogging as regularly, I have been uploading more YouTube videos on “my pastel channel” make sure you click the blue link to check out some of my new videos as well. On there I tend to post collabs, DIYs, vlogs, lookbooks some baking, makeup tutorials and much much more so if you do fancy joining me every Tuesday at 7pm (+2GMT)
Have you got instagram? I upload about 5x a week on @mypastelpage the founder of the “my pastel” theme I have going along here! Thats where I post mini reviews on products/ fashion posts, pretty flowers and such…
Want to tweet me? again @mypastelpage for a few laughs and updates and sneak peeks on future videos, blogposts and instagram pics 😉
If you want a lot of random Pinterest boards to follow then I’m your girl, just click here to find a crazy variation of boards including “healthy lifestyle” “baking” “hair ideas” “blew my mind” “quotes” “deeeeep” and so many more!
I’ve also got a Facebook page which I mainly use to promote my instagram, blog and YouTube!
I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, make sure you stalk me on every social media now! See you Tuesday for a new video on my youtube channelFullSizeRender.jpg and then Thursday for a blogpost! I love you all lots, see you soon and as always, I’m sending you over lipstick stained kisses,
Millie xx


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