Festival life hacks

Sup everyone,
Today I’m going to be sharing some festival life hacks with you. I’ve only ever been to one festival but there are definitely some things I wish i’d known before that would of helped me enjoy the experience a bit more. These tips’n tricks will make your festival life so much easier. Let’s get into it:

The wellington purse. i used this hack so much last year, I used my wellies, which are an essential for any festival, (in my opinion) to store money, a power bank, and even my phone so that I didn’t have to carry around a backpack…

The ziplock wardrobe, when you’re packing your clothes for each day, put each outfit in a ziplock bag so a) it’s all organised and you wont need to waste time wondering what to wear in the morning and b) if something spills in your bag the clothes will stay nice and intact.

Baby wipes, an essential for removing makeup and showering, yes, you heard me… showering. Trust me that’s the last thing you’ll want to do, queue then have a cold shower and then stumble back to your tent wet and dropping your shower gel… that is, if you didn’t forget it in the showers!

Bring a power bank to charge your phone!

Make sure you always have a full water bottle because it can get very hot amongst all of those people and let me tell you dehydration at a festival is not fun (past experience)

That’s it for today, if you enjoyed this post make sure you like it and if you would like to read more future posts then press the little dots and enter your email address to be notified next time i upload. I love you lots and I’ll see you very soon. As always sending you lipstick stained kisses,
Millie xx

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