My reverse bucket list

Sup everyone,

First of all I’d like to apologise for taking yet another break from blogging. In all honesty I have been focusing more on my youtube channel and instagram page recently. I’ve also just moved to a new school which took some getting used to as well.

Anyway, welcome to today’s blogpost, which is something a little bit different. It’s what I’m calling a reverse bucket list, where instead of posting things I’d like to do/ accomplish I’ll be sharing some cool things that I’ve already done!

Make sure you let me know what cool things you’ve done because I’d love to hear all about them.  Also you can follow me if you aren’t already, so you’ll get notified via email every time I upload and if you want to see more posts from me! Let’s get started;

  • I once rode an elephant in Thailand! it was sooooo much fun.
  • Jumped elefant.jpgoff a cliff of over 10 meters. (30ft) Tomb-stoning in England this summer!
  • Petted a monkey! He was called John and he even gave me a coin!
  • Held a starfish (illegally, oops) at a seal sanctuary… you weren’t meant to pick them up!
  • Climbed out of a second floor window… My friend Evie and I got  lowaterfallcked in my parents room on the second floor during a water fight and I jumped out!!
  • Slept outside under the stars.
  • Cuddled a baby tiger
  • Jumped out of a moving car. My dad didn’t
  • realise that i was still inside, he drove off and I jumped out!
  • Climbed over a waterfall.
  • Been up the Eiffel tower with my best friend.
  • Did a colour run which I vlogged here
  • Met my favourite band for free! Also made a video on this.

eiffel tower.jpg



I hope you all enjoyed this post, if you did make sure togive me a like, share it on your social media and follow me if you aren’t already! Let me know in the comments what amazing things are on your reverse bucket list. I appreciate you all so much! see you very soon for my next post.

Millie xox

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