Essence instant volume boost mascara review

Sup everyone,

I’m sorry there was no post last week, I’m still trying to get the hang of getting organised. Today i’m going to be reviewing one of the newest eye products in my collection which is the essence instant volume boost mascara smudge-proof and intense black mascara. I purchased this in November I think at such a reasonable price around £3 I believe. Available here on the essence website.

I just want to insert a little disclaimer as I’m coding this post in html rather than in visual so if there are any random mistakes, please forgive me, I’m still learning.

The intensive black mascara allows maximum lash volume thanks to the volume brush, which consists of innovative flower-shaped fibers. Application takes just ten seconds.


Essence mascaras, you either love them or hate them. it’s potluck each time you buy one, it could be great or it could suck. This mascara’s packaging reminds me of the maybelline ones a little bit. the brush tower is unlike any i’ve ever seen before. It’s quite long and not the standard shape, the bristles aren’t made of plastic and are quite long and dense.

The product itself is quite thick which I like since it tends to give more volume and length to your lashes. However it tends to become quite clumpy if you pick up too much product on the brush. It doesn’t flake or smudge off and the colour is definitely an intense black, no doubt about that.

Pros:                                                               Cons:

    • price                                             – clumpy
    • bristles                                         – makes lashes thick
    • lengthening                                 – usually sold out
    • volumising                                   – dries out quite fast


    So overall I would recommend this product for more of a thick and dramatic lash look to everyday wear. it is a great product if you don’t mind the clumps. It’s not my favourite but I do still use it and love the way it looks when I do. At the end of the

    day, it’s £3 and that’s what it’s worth. It still doesn’t beat my one true love the Barry m showgirl mascara which is just so much better. I wouldn’t say it’s a ten second application BUT you don’t need two coats of it at all.

  • 2018-01-23-PHOTO-00000057I hope you all enjoyed this post, if you did please make sure to share it or give it a like! If you want to read more from me in the past then feel free to follow my blog by clicking on the three little dots “…” in the bottom right hand corner and entering your name and email address to get a notification each time I post; Thursdays at 6PM UK time. I appreciate all your support and i’ll see you again next week, sending you blue lipstick stained kisses,Millie xox


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