This section is the home to all of my kitchen creations I’ve shared on this site. If you ever try them out make sure to let me know by posting a pic on social media and tagging me. You can find all my links on the about me  page. Here are some of my previous culinary posts:

You can use almost anything in your fridge. Feel free to add ingredients take some out but for me the basics that you need water, pasta, cream and cheese and from that add anything you like and it will taste great… probably.

I am currently sat in an easy jet airbus and I’ve just finished my lunch, which is what I’m going to be telling you about. I just had the pleasure of savouring a Kabuto rice noodle pot.

I’ve been recently loving making this microwave banana bread! It literally takes less than 5 minutes to make and bake and you only need 4 ingredients which I’m sure you have in your cupboard already!