Tips & Life Hacks

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still young, unexperienced and have a lot to learn but I am knowledgeable in a few domains, sort of… This section in my blog is dedicated to sharing advice, and that includes you, yes, YOU! If you have any wisdom concerning a topic I’ve written about make sure to leave it in the comment section for others to read too. My aim here is for you to learn smething new, that should – in theory facilitate your life in some shape or form. Here are some examples;

I’ve only ever been to one festival but there are definitely some things I wish I’d’ve known before hand that would of helped me enjoy the experience a bit more. These tips ‘n tricks will make your festival life so much easier.

Sharing some of my thoughts, tips, advice and pictures with you about running! I’m not an expert but I used to do triathlon training so hopefully I can share some my knowledge with you! If you have any tips I’ve left out then please leave them in the comments.

I’m definitely not an expert but I have learned along the way since I’ve dyed it many, many times in the past; pink dip dye, pink highlights, fully blue, pink, brown and purple, mermaid highlights and blue to purple gradient. After all that, bleached back to blonde.